I'm a witty, hopeless romantic with a creative gene. I love love. (Especially the really cheesy kind, like the Hallmark-movie-type-of-love love.) I also love people and what better way to celebrate people and their love than to provide them with invaluable memories of all stages of love. From engagements to weddings to pregnancy to full-blown families, each stage is special and deserves to be remembered. 

I can do that for you, you just gotta let me!

small town, down-to-earth girl who loves to photograph love.

- My all time favorite film is Pride & Prejudice. Hellooo Mr. Darcy.
- Besides coffee, my next go-to drinks are chai and pineapple strawberry La Croix. Yes, I do actually like La Croix . Don't judge.
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently my binge watching guilty pleasure. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool.
- Harry Potter will forever be my favorite series. Books and movies. "After all this time? Always."
- I hoard sweaters. But like a normal hoarding as in I just have too many. 

fun facts


I love my main man Jesus, speak fluent sarcasm, laugh a little too loud, probably drink too much coffee, and watch anything set in historical time periods. When I'm not photographing lovely people, you can most likely find me hanging out with my youth students (Nails Creek youth leader represent!) loving on my nephews, Fischer + Witt, or couch potato-ing it with my furbabies, Penelope + Cooper. 

lindsey eller